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Feasibility Study Report on the Orphanage Centers in Afghanistan

Executive Summary The World Orphanage Foundation conducted a mission to Afghanistan on December 18, 2012 to analyze the overall status & need of the orphans in the different orphanage centers based on the feasibility study research. The feasibility study was carried out by the Head by WOF through interviews, discussions with the government institutions, Directors of orphanage centers, Ministry of Education and UN organization UNICEF for further support and coordination in Afghanistan. All the Government institutions, UN agencies expressed their support, commitments and appreciated our approach. The main goal of the interviews and meeting was the initial introduction of World Orphanage Foundation, coordination and how to support the orphanage centers, women rights and child abuse. The meetings were held with the following government institutions and UN agency. Meeting with the Ministry of Education The meeting was held with Mr. Mohammad Sediq Patman, the Deputy Minister for Academic Affairs at the Ministry of Education on December 19, 2012 by Sara Kazimi and Zubair Khalil the designated Country Director for Afghanistan. The main goal of this meeting was to support the most vulnerable orphans and school children in Afghanistan, whose parents are victimized of war. The Deputy Minister appreciated the approach and assistance for the war torn country Afghanistan and especially focus on the orphans’ students, who are the most vulnerable target group in Afghanistan. The World Orphanage Foundation promised the upcoming support for the students’ interim of education materials, stationeries, bags, food, clothing etc. The WOF emphasized that all the donations and support is based on the availability of the fund and will be forwarding your proposal to the donors & private sector agencies.

Meeting with Ministry of labor, Social Affairs, Maryters and Disabled

The meeting with the General Director for all government orphanage centers Mr. Sayed Abullah Hashimi was held on December 19,2012 at one of the orphanage center in Kabul. He mentioned that a total of 77 orphanage centers are established in Afghanistan. Out of 77 orphanage centers, 35 of them are in Kabul and 42 centers are located in other diffirent provinces of Afghanistan. We watched one of the orphanage center as a sample in Kabul and found that the orphanage center had very poor education facilites, health care, computer lab, English classes, Drawings, sports ground & cultural programs. Based on the discussion with the General Director of the orphanage, he emphasized if you could assist the orphans providing the education materials, winter cloths, blankets, matress, shoes and socks it will be appreciated. We looked into the following components; computer lab, drawings class, English class, Sport ground, Clinic, Cultural Center etc. The computer lab was in a very poor conditions and the Director asked for 18 computers in order accomplish the students need. He also asked for the sports equipments to be provided for the students and we could not see the sufficient equipments installed for their exercise. The clinic was available, but there was no medicine for the health care and proper treatment. The drugs is requested to be provided. The orphanage center had 72 girls orphan and 140 boys from 4 to 12 years old living in the orphanage center. Those students, who are graduated from the same High school of the orphanage center need to be admitted at the goverment and private universities, but their economy is very weak and can not afford to take registration. They have stopped the undergrduate study and looking for donors if they could provide the education facility in the future. The Director overall emphasized on the long term sustainable program to be provided for the orphans, which includes the vocational training program ( tailoring, welding, masonery, carpentry, plumbing, embriodery, carpet weaving etc for boys and girls under 18 years old). All the orphanage centers are created by the government of Afghanistan in 1981 for the orphans of diffirent categories for example the victims of war, some of them have lost the entire family members and they need the permienent and sustainable support in the future. The orphanages centers are in very bad conditions due to the continous war in Afghanistan by diffirent regims, which includes Russians, Talibans and other internal clashes. I would like to add that the above orphanage center was one of the example out of 77 orphanage centers in Afghanistan and the rest are in a worse situation in diffirent provinces. The orphans need urgent humen support to be provided.

Table of Content
1. Executive Summary
2. Meeting with the Ministry of Education
3. Meeting with Ministry of labor, Social Affairs, Maryters and Disabled
4. Meeting with UNICEF
5. Conclusion
The picture shows interview with the Deputy Minister of Education in Kabul
This picture is taken at the Thai Maskan Orphanage Center in Kabul
Meeting with UNICEF

The meeting was held with the UNICEF Deputy Representative Ms. Vidhya Ganesh on December 20, 2012 at the UNICEF office in Kabul by the Head of World Orphanage Foundation and the Country Director Mr. Zubair Khalil. The main goal of this meeting was the coordination and cooperation regarding the vulnerable orphans to be supported in Afghanistan. UNICEF appreciated our work, goal and objectives of the World Orphanage Foundation and committed for strong support in order to identify the orphans, who have no education facility, residence facility, food, health care, clothing, stationeries, bags etc.




The meetings, interviews and communications were held with different government institutions, UN agencies and found that the current orphanage centers in Afghanistan are in a very bad conditions with poor facilities provided for the orphans’ interim of education facilities, health care, food, clothing, sports equipments etc. The World Orphanage Foundation has been asked by the government of Afghanistan to support all the orphanage centers in Afghanistan and provide the above facilities for the orphans in order to live as other citizens of Afghanistan and treated the same way. Due to the 30 years war of Afghanistan the number of orphans reach to 1.6 million as per the UNICEF survey and need urgent relief and help through international communities, UN and other private donor sectors.









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