Feasibility Study Report on the Orphanage Centers in Afghanistan

Executive Summary

The World Orphanage Foundation conducted a mission to Afghanistan on December 18, 2012 to analyze the overall status & need of the orphans in the different orphanage centers based on the feasibility study research. The feasibility study was carried out by the Head by WOF through interviews, discussions with the government institutions, Directors of orphanage centers, Ministry of Education and UN organization UNICEF for further support and coordination in Afghanistan. All the Government institutions, UN agencies expressed their support, commitments and appreciated our approach. The main goal of the interviews and meeting was the initial introduction of World Orphanage Foundation, coordination and how to support the orphanage centers, women rights and child abuse. The meetings were held with the following government institutions and UN agency.

Feasibility Study Report on the Water Wells in Afghanistan

Executive Summary

World Orphanage Foundation is a non-profit foundation that wants to do philanthropies and donations not only in Afghanistan but all around the world. WOF aims to build 11 water wells in three provinces of Afghanistan. These 11 water wells will benefit all the localities residence with drinking water that do not have access to drinking water.

Feasibility Study Report on the Rice Packs Distribution in Afghanistan

Executive Summary

World Orphanage Foundation (WOF) completed one more philanthropy to 270 families. According to the survey conducted by World Orphanage Foundation, a group of families living in remote area of Kabul are poor. So, WOF did a donation of 7KGs rice pack to 270 families on 7th December, 2020.

Feasibility Study Report on Distribution of Halwa Sandwiches in Afghanistan

Executive Summary

World Orphanage Foundation continues its helps to Afghan vulnerable and poor people. For two days 1,300 halwa sandwiches have been distributed among people in remote areas of Kabul by WOF team with presence of CEO and Founder of World Orphanage Foundation.

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