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Contribution for Afghan Refugees.

Fighting for Afghanistan displaced families.
almost 600,000 people across our motherland have become internally displaced due to the government collapsing.

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Urgent Crisis Relief for
Afghanistan 2021

100 Family Feeding Project

100% of the proceeds will help the families.

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Donate to lower the number of people who lack access to clean

3 in 10 people worldwide, or 2.1 billion lack access to safe water. And more than 33% of the Afghan population does not have access to drinking water. 

Donate to lower the number of people who lack access to clean water. 

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“Sponsor Afghan Women’s Education”

Education is a way to change the future of Afghanistan. 
Afghan children need your support---donate & change their future.

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Sponsor a Child

There are 153 million orphans across the globe. Many also of
lack education and are living in conditions that keep them from
achieving what they could.
Donating now means a change in their lives.

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