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Feasibility Study Report on Educational Centers in Tanzania

The World Orphanage Foundation conducted a mission to Africa on January 10, 2010 to analyze the overall status & need of the orphans and children in the different Educational organizations and centers. The feasibility study was carried out by the Head by WOF through interviews, discussions with the government institutions, Directors of Educational centers and the Government of Africa. The main goal of the interviews and meeting was the initial introduction of World Orphanage Foundation, coordination and how to support the orphanage centers, educational centers, women rights and reduce child abuse.

Feasibility Study Report on COVID-19 Helps in Antigua & Barbuda

The World Orphanage Foundation conducted a mission to Antigua & Barbuda on March 25, 2020 to help the people who were suffering the COVID-19 pandemic. The help was a food package for 500 families that each package was enough for at least one month.

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