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Our Vision 

By creating charter schools for children, we can empower them to have a better
future and prepare the opportunity for them to be helpful to children who come

from similar backgrounds.


World Orphanage Foundation assists children of multi-ethnic, multi socio-economic backgrounds to gift them a pathway towards higher education, accelerated learning opportunities to progress as one human race.

Our Mission 

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We rise by lifting others!

"Robert Ingersoll"


About Us

World Orphanage Foundation (WOF) aims to provide a platform that unifies
foundations and institutions for underprivileged families, women, and children. By launching different programs, we gather global communities to go join us and work for a better future of the world.


World Orphanage Foundation aims to:


  • To create social awareness among youth worldwide.

  • To build charter schools

  • To provide media outlets for orphanages and other child welfare institutions worldwide.

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