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Janeth Joseph.png

ID Number: WOF-21062010

Name: Janeth Joseph

Gender: Female

Birthdate: 21/06/2010

Place of origin: Sirari (Mara)

Background: Janeth has a sister called Happy, their mother has been sent to prison fot the self defense murder of their father. 

General Info: Janeth is very charming, helpful and likes to try to speak English. She enjoys reading and is quite good at it but their written work.

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ID Number: WOF-01082010

Name: Nelson James

Gender: Male

Birthdate: 01/08/2010

Place of origin: Mara

Background: Nelson is living with grandmother but he was unable to care for him. His parents are deceased (HIV).

General Info: Nelson has disability on bighead, but is agead of his class, he knows numbers and alphabet. 

Education lever: Standard 3 (Primary school)

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Nelson James.png
Mohammed Edogo.png

ID Number: WOF-10032014

Name: Mohamed Mdogo

Gender: Male

Birthdate: 10/03/2014

Place of origin: Mwanza/Igoma

Background: Mohamed was often seen unaccompanied around the volunteer house. It was discovered that he was left alone by his mother who only returned for one day every month.

General Info: Mohamed Mdogo struggles with English but tries very hard. He is extremely sweet with other children’s but he has lack of self-confidence.

Education level: Nursery

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ID Number: WOF-10122011

Name: Junior James

Birthdate: 10/12/2011

Gender: Male

Place of origin: Arusha 

Background: Both of his parents are deceases

General info: Junior is an all round good kid. He loves to interact, play and is eager to learn. He needs lots of practice with reading and spoken English

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Junior James.png
Pendo Josephat.png

ID Number: WOF-26072011

Name: Pendo Josephat

Gender: Female

Birthdate: 26/07/2011

Place of origin: Mwanza

Background: Pendo was living with his grandmother but she was unable to care for her. Her parents went separate ways never returned.

General Info: Pendo is a head of her class, she knows numbers and the alphabet. She struggles in class as she is easily distracted and the other children tent to pick on her.

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ID Number: WOF-20022014

Name: Samson Mwita

Gender: Male

Birthdate: 20/02/2014

Place of origin: Tarime

Background: Samson was left at a bus terminal in Mwanza when he was 2 years. 

General Info: Samson needs a lot of help with basic English and writing skills. Particularly reading and recognizing the alphabet. He is easily distracted in class, but is very good at math. Samson is good kid; he loves to play sports. 

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Samson Mwaita.png
Tabitha Mwazo.png

ID Number: WOF-15102009

Name: Tabitha Mawazo

Gender: Female

Birthdate: 15/10/2009

Place of origin: Sengerema/Mwanza

Background: Both parents abandoned her and left her alone to care for herself. Her neighbors brought her to Watoto wa Africa through social workers.

General Info: Tabitha is a bundle of energy and will often ask certain things are in English as you hold her.

Education Level: Memkwa(Primary)

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