Welcome to WOF


The World orphanage foundation (WOF) mission is to provide a platform that unifies foundations and resources for underprivileged families, woman & children. We create programs and global communities around the common goals of education for all. 100% of online donations go to WOF programs. 

We plan to accomplish our goal by taking the following actions:

  • 1. Create jobs 

  • 2. Hold fundraising events

  • 3.create and distribute products or goods through our website 

  • 4. Have face to face meetings with supporters of our organization to raise awareness globally. 

  • 5. Use low and no cost advertising on the Internet , radios, television, social media . 

  • 6. Unite with celebrities globally 

  • 7. Request government assistance 

World orphanage foundation serves the following 


Our mission described in one word would be "Empowerment" life, to us, all comes down to expression and our ability to harness this freedom so that the "voiceless" can eventually express themselves. Our Mission is to head to conflicting regions and build Charter Schools, and this is what sparked me to create The World Orphanage Foundation. If it's not directly us working with these children, then it's us being the "voice" for them.


The World Orphanage Foundation targets children of multi-ethnic, multi socio-economic backgrounds and gift them with a pathway towards higher education, accelerated learning and opportunities to progress as one human race. 


List of Countries that I've been able to fund Charity work 

►     Afghanistan 

►     Africa 

►     India

►     Israel

►     USA 

►And over a Dozen other non-profit organizations