Founder of World Orphanage Foundation (WOF), our mission is to head to conflicting regions and build Charter Schools.  World Orphanage Foundation targets children of multi-ethnic, multi socio-economic backgrounds and gift them with a pathway towards higher education, accelerated learning and opportunities to progress as one human race.

Through our website and other initiatives, The World Orphanage Foundation provides education and builds public awareness on the plight of children worldwide.

The foundation works with select institutions worldwide that are devoted to child welfare to assist with fundraising, media attention, public awareness, and organizing volunteer efforts.

Donations made to the foundation are to be used to further these efforts, and to directly provide funds to select child welfare institutions.

World Orphanage serves the following purposes:

  • Generate awareness of the problems facing young people worldwide

  • Motivate the general public, businesses, government, and the wealthy to help solve those problems through direct action and donations

  • Provide media outlets for orphanages and other child welfare institutions worldwide

  • Provide funds to organizations and projects that we believe will have a great benefit with the ultimate goal of helping children

       We will be fulfilling our purpose through the following activities:

  • Maintain the World Orphanage website

  • Hold events

  • Use low and no cost advertising on the Internet and through radio, television and print media

  • Have appearances in and involvement with radio, television and print media

  • Create and distribute publications

  • Raise funds